Transfer Program
Answers to frequently asked questions

What are Washington State’s requirements for transferring as a massage therapist out of state?

Washington requires that out of state therapists meet their state education requirements, which are:

A minimum of 500 classroom hours broken down as follows:

  • 130 hours of A&P and Kinesiology
  • 50 hours of Pathology
  • 55 hours of Business
  • 265 hours of Theory & Practice

In addition to this, unless the school at which you received your training has an arrangement with the State of Washington, you will usually be required to transfer through one of Washington’s approved schools. This means also meeting that school’s requirements.

Is there a written and practical examination that must be taken?

There is no longer a practical examination. Washington accepts the National Written Examination as it’s own.

What is the cost to transfer?

That varies widely among the schools that offer transfer service. It normally depends on the number of credits you are able to transfer.

What should I look for when searching for a school to help with my transfer?

We suggest you try to find a school with reasonable transfer rates whose curriculum most closely matches that of your training school. This will reduce the number of classroom hours you need to pick up and qualify for a Washington license.

Is Washington a good state in which to practice massage?

We believe that Washington is one of the better states in which to practice. Massage enjoys a good reputation in Washington, largely due to the efforts of the Board of Massage and Workforce departments of the state. They are both protective and supportive of the therapist with out being intrusive.

How do I register with the Northwest Massage Academy?

To register, to arrange to sit in on a class, or to ask any questions about our programs please call us toll free at 253-508-0063.