“We are now enrolling sudents for our Fall 2014 day class which will begin on September 9th.  Classes will  meet Monday thru Friday for twenty six weeks.  Classes are limited (normally 8-12 students), so early registration is recommended.  To save a space in the upcoming class, call Dr. Weaver at 800-929-9441.”

The Northwest Massage Academy is committed to providing a comprehensive program and learning environment that will provide its students with tools needed to become successful, highly knowledgeable and competent health care practitioners in the field of massage therapy massage bodywork. **Washington State and VA approved

Professional Massage Training Program
Five hundred and twenty hours of intense training given in a six month format, designed to teach students to become proficient in a variety of effective massage techniques. They will also learn basic anatomy and physiology of the human body as well as pathology related to the massage profession. The business and practice building sections of the course teach students how to build an operate their ideal practice. Learn more ….

Nurses Transfer Program

This is a modification of the basic program designed for nurses who have already received training in human anatomy and physiology and pathology. Tuition credit is given for prior training and experience, saving them time and money. Please call school for more specific information at 800-929-9441.

Transfer Program
Washington State’s requirements for out of state massage therapists. What you need to know. Learn more . . .

To register, or to ask any questions about our programs please call us toll free at 800-929-9441.